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SEO - SOCIAL MEDIA - MARKETING Tailored Just for You

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is a complex process resulting in improvement of your website’s rankings with major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Usual SEO optimization projects consist out of two parts: On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO.

SEO is an ongoing process and some time is needed to see the tangible results. Often SEO companies will give you a promisses they themselves cannot keep. Internetize.Me will always present you with everything you need to know about your project, like – estimated time, suggested budgets and methods of SEO optimization used. Before taking any project, we will compose a detailed SEO report which includes your current search engine rankings, possible areas of improvement and predicted results. For an example SEO in Los Angeles can be difficult for certain businesses or industries, due to high numbers of websites (SEO optimized or not) belonging to your competitors from the same area, Los Angeles. Our SEO estimate will always be realistic, detailed and will try to save your funds on every step.

We keep our SEO clean. We don’t use black-hat SEO methods and insist on ethical SEO methods and have excellent results in organic SEO and PPC (Pay per Click) campaign management.

On-Site SEO – Improvements within your website, like content generation (SEO copywriting), meta tags creation and tweaking,sitemap creation, proper URL generation, page speed improvements etc.
SEO Copywriting
Content Management
Metatag Management
Cannonical URL Generation
Sitemap Creation
PageSpeed Improvements
Image Optimization
Keyword Saturation
Off-Site SEO – Improvements made ‘outside’ your website, pertaining to backlinks (creating links leading back to your website), creation of analytic accounts, submitting your sites to various online directories and similar.

High PR Backlinking
 .EDU / .GOV Backlinks
Targeted Traffic
Sitemap Submission
Analytic Accounts Creation
Online Directory Submissions
Mass Index / Ping

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+Pinterest have become global meeting places where billions of people meet to share information, opinions and thoughts. Social networks are also places where a service or product can findan amazing number of potential customers. More and more social networks are implementing various advertising and affiliate programs enabling the end users to promote their products and services even further.

However, the main goal of Social media marketing is diving traffic towards your point of sale, mostly your website.

Internetize.Me can help you with the following:

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Account Management
Post Creation & Scheduling
Custom Facebook App Creation
Custom Page / Profile Design
Facebook Fans Acquisition
Twitter Followers Acquisition

Internet is the biggest advertising area there is, reaching a multi-billion audience. To reach an audience this big, you don’t longer need a huge marketing budget, expensive ads and a large marketing staff. Internetize.Me can help you set the right online marketing budget and allocate it properly, eliminating unnecessary cost. By targeting a niche more probable of being interested in using your product or service, you deliver your advertisements to the people who need it most.

With precise analytic tools you can closely examine your Internet marketing campaigns and see how your online marketing campaign has benefited you and your organization.

We are always there to help you with:

Internet Marketing Budget Management
Enterprise SEM
PPC Advertising
Google AdWords Campaign Management
Google AdSense Management
Facebook Ads Management
Sponsored Tweets Management
YouTube Ads
Analytic and Tracking Services
Email Marketing
Online Video Marketing
Online Ad Copywriting & Design

<p>How you or your business is perceived on the Internet can be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker.</p><p>The Internet is open and available to anyone, and anyone can make a webpage, write a post, blog… that describes your business&nbsp;inarticulately, hurting your business or your personal online reputation. Disloyal competition can also deliberately try to damage your online reputation by posting fraudulent and&nbsp;incorrect&nbsp;business reviews or comments.</p><p><strong>Online reputation management</strong> is a compilation of methods resulting in a positive image of you, your brand, service or product. We&nbsp;suppress&nbsp;all of the incorrect, negative reviews, and pull out your best features and perks.</p><p>Online reputation management, especially <strong>review management</strong>, can be difficult and way to time-consuming for business owners. Companies that manage online reputation management for their clients on a high level have already established routes and mechanisms of addressing the isues of so called ‘<strong>bad reviews</strong>’ / ‘<strong>false reviews</strong>’ and encouraging positive or – <strong>good reviews</strong> or posts regarding your business, products, services or yourself. We will also create blogs, profiles, articles, social network sites etc. presenting exactly what needs to be presented about your business.</p><p>For highly specialized online reputation services, you are welcome to select one of the following:</p>Corporate Online Reputation Management<br>Small Business Online Reputation Management<br>Celebrity Reputation Management<br>Political Online Reputation Management<br>Yelp Review Management

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